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About Vegas Junk Removal Service

Eco Friendly Junk Removal is a full service junk removal and hauling company. We do all the work; start to finish, for every one of our valued customers.  Our professional and courteous team will gladly do whatever it takes to provide you with the best customer service imaginable! We will get the job done quickly and professionally. Our main goal is to earn your trust and faith in our service. Our motivated team members go above and beyond what is expected of a junk/ trash removal company in order to challenge YOUR expectations and provide the best service possible for your unique junk hauling needs.



We recycle or donate 70% of the materials we haul away. The term “junk removal” implies that your unwanted items have no use somewhere else. We know that this is not the case! We spend countless hours sorting the unwanted items we collect to donate to local charities, various centers, schools, and local artists. Everything that cannot be re-purposed is sorted for recycling.


Las Vegas’s Junk Removal Experts

We are happy to serve the Las Vegas Henderson Nevada area with removal of  junk clutter or any other unwanted items. Especially in situations where a large amount of things are congesting usable space, for instance:


  • Help in the transition of the passing of a loved one and what they left behind.
  • Removal of items from Foreclosures, Rentals & Abandoned property.
  • Hoarders and Collectors (In Recovery) needing assistance parting with items.
  • Removal of items that are blocking: your business, storage units or rental properties.
  • Home junk removal or anything else….


Our motto is Cheaper – Better– Faster. You deal directly with the owners. There is no franchise fee and no 1-800 corporate overhead. The savings will be passed directly to you, leaving more money in your pocket, without compromising the quality of the work.


We are bonded and insured with over Several  years experience. Our Prices are very competitive, we offer lowest price guarantee and match all competitors prices. We put the “service” back into a service business!  We are always on time and strive to make our customers more than satisfied!


Call us today for a no obligation junk removal quote! (725) 234-0677


Family-Owned, Family-Operated.

Owner’s Family in Front of Doorway

Being a family-owned-and-operated business, we are able to offer you that personal touch you have been looking for. Our goal is to establish a personal, lasting relationship with our customers, and we believe in treating each one like a part of our family. We have been in business for almost several years and our goal has not changed.


Our vision is to be a nationwide business that is known for its exceptional customer experience, and a friendly and inviting crew. We love to go the extra mile for our customers because we believe that, just like most families, people are willing to go above and beyond for those they are close to. That being said, we value relationships, not a business exchange. We love to hear from our customers consistently, even if it is not work-related!


Making a difference in someone else’s life makes a difference in ours, and we are excited to see the change that our services and our crew bring to our customer’s quality of life! We also believe in serving others, even if it is not a job. We know that serving others brings us joy, and helps us further friendships and family relationships. So, let us invite you to be a part of our family, and let us serve you!